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Plan Change 7
Growth of Townships, Urban Development and Rezoning of Land for Urban Purposes including the introduction of a new Living Z Zone at Lincoln and Rolleston

The hearing has closed.

Commissioners' Minute 24 May 2011 [PDF, 159 KB]

Hearing Documents and Information

Plan Change 7 rezones land identified in Proposed Change 1 (PC1) to the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement and the Lincoln and Rolleston Structure Plans to provide for the future urban growth of both townships in accordance with the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy (UDS).

This plan change includes:

  • New District-wide and Township specific provisions within the subdivision section of the District Plan to implement the Subdivision Design Guide , along with provisions relating to medium density housing (to implement the Medium Density Design Guide ) to support the consolidation of townships while achieving good urban design outcomes.
  • Rezoning approximately 585 ha of land in Lincoln and Rolleston to a new “Living Z” or “Living Z Deferred” zone for residential development and 11 hectares of land in Lincoln to “Business 2 Deferred” for future industrial development.
  • The requirement to develop an Outline Development Plan (ODP) before development can occur and identifying ODP criteria that will need to be addressed within the ODP to support the implementation of the key aspects of both Structure Plans.
  • Staging requirements to meet Phase 1 (2007-2020) and Phase 2 (2021-2041) of PC1.

Plan Change 7 was approved for public notification by Council on 24 February 2010.

Please note: Plan Change 23 (Amendment of the existing Christchurch International Airport Air Noise Contours with the revised air noise contours which are included in Proposed Change 1 (PC1) to the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement) was notified together with Plan Change 7 as there may be interrelationships between the location of the airport noise contours and the location for future urban growth.

Please note the hearing for Plan Change 23 has been held and the Council has accepted the Commissioner's recommendation to approve without amendment the Plan Change.

The proposed rules contained in Plan Changes 7 have no legal effect until Council decisions have been released on submissions. However, the proposed Objectives and Policies have immediate effect. This is in accordance with the recent amendments to the Resource Management Act - Resource Management (Simplifying and Streamlining) Amendment Act 2009.