The documents for Private Plan Change request by the Selwyn Plantation Board are listed below. This plan change is notified in conjunction with Private Plan Change 8 which has also been requested by the Selwyn Plantation Board.

04 App C Site Plan PC9 [PDF 75.8 KB]
06 App E ODP PC9 [PDF 134.6 KB]
07.3 App F Geo App A [PDF 398.9 KB]
07.4 App F Geo App B [PDF 123.7 KB]
07.7 App F Geo App C [PDF 98.1 KB]
09 App G addendum [PDF 268.7 KB]
10 App H [PDF 967.9 KB]
11 App I [PDF 498.2 KB]
12 App J [PDF 167.2 KB]