Operative as of 27 May 2009

Operative as of 27 May 2009

Variation 29 Scale of Rural Activities

Variation 29 was proposed to rectify some potential difficulties which occurred over the public notification of Variation 28. It re-notified the definition of “Rural Activity” and proposed Rules 1.5 and 6.1 relating to the scale of activities, all of which were initially introduced as part of Variation 28.  The hearings panel for Variation 28 had noted some deficiencies in the public notice relating to the above provisions.  A decision was, therefore, made to re-notify them.

Variation 29 was publicly notified on 8 December 2007. Council accepted the recommendation of the Commissioner on 24 September 2008.  Following appeals to the Environment Court, the Variation became operative on 27 May 2009.

Variation as notified 8 December 2007 [PDF, 194 KB]

S42A RMA Officers report [PDF, 190 KB]

S42A RMA Officers report, Attachment B [PDF, 53 KB]

S42A RMA Officers report, Attachment C [PDF, 74 KB]

Recommendation of the Commissioner [PDF, 127 KB]

Decision notice [PDF, 26 KB]