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In this section you can find information about all the current requests for a change to the Operative Selwyn District Plan. Requests can be initiated by members of the public (‘private plan change requests’) or the Council (‘public plan change requests’).

Current consultation

  • There are no current consultations.

Map showing land affected by plan change requests

Latest update

On 7 November 2022 the Council notified the summary of submissions on the mandatory variations to various private plan changes. The further submission period closed at 5pm Friday 18 November 2022.


On 20 August 2022 the Council notified variations to those private plan changes to the Operative District Plan that were notified prior to the new building intensification rules coming into effect (20 December 2021). This is to allow for more housing and at greater heights in relevant residential areas.

In Selwyn this means we are varying those private plan changes that have requested residential rezoning in Rolleston, Lincoln and Prebbleton:

What’s next?

Further submissions

When we have received all further submissions, our planning team will begin considering all the submissions received in detail. They will then produce a series of officer reports with recommendations regarding the submission points made.


We expect to hold public hearings April - May 2023. At these hearings independent commissioners will consider all submissions and Officer Report recommendations.

We will let submitters know when we reach this stage and how they can speak to their submission at a hearing.

Council decision

The Council must notify a decision on the variations by 20 August 2023.

It’s important to note that all variations will proceed through a new streamlined planning process. This means there is no right of appeal to the Environment Court.

In the meantime, we are always available to answer any questions you may have. You can call us on 0800 SELWYN (735 996) or email

Report to Council seeking direction on the geo-spatial scope of the Variation and other matters - 23 February 2022 [PDF, 1066 KB]

Status on all plan change requests

Plan change
Location Approx. number
of residential
lot developments
Current status More info
69 Lincoln 2000 + commercial

Decision of Council has been appealed.
* Plan Change subject to Variation.
70 Rolleston 800 + commercial Awaiting response to Council’s request for further information issued 24 December 2020.
71 Rolleston 440 + 220 deferred Decision of Council has been appealed.
* Plan Change subject to Variation.
72 Prebbleton 295

Decision of Council has been appealed.
* Plan Change subject to Variation.
73 Rolleston2100 + commercial

Decision of Council has been appealed.
* Plan Change subject to Variation.
74 West Melton130Further submission period closed Wednesday 19 October 2022. All parties prepare documentation for hearing.
77 West Melton219Reviewing amended application received in response to Councils request for further
79Prebbleton400Submission period closed Wednesday 5 October 2022. Council summarises
80RollestonIndustrialPublic hearing held on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 October 2022. Awaiting the Commissioner's recommendation.
81Rolleston350Public hearing to reconvene Monday 5
82Rolleston1320Public hearing to reconvene Monday 5