Further submissions are listed below. Further submissions can either support or oppose submissions lodged on Plan Change 7.

S15 Lincoln Estates Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S16 Burdis [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S22 Selwyn Central Community Board [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S27 Ministry of Education [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S28 Lincoln University [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S29 NZ Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S30 AgResearch Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S31 NZ Transport Agency [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S32 CDL [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S38 Nimbus Group [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S44 Coles [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S45 Alfeld [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S46 Environment Canterbury [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S47 Fulton Hogan Land Development Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S49 Broadfield Developments Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S54 NZ Guardian Trust Co Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S100 Pringle [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S101 Jacques [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S102 McKeich [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S103 Hopkins [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S104 Christensen SE [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S105 Christensen DR [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S106 Wilson [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S107 Williams [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S108 Butts [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S109 CIAL [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
01 List of Further Submitters [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
Denwood Trustees Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S89 McIntosh Jung Lee [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S91 Foster Holdings [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S82 Rolleston Square Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S83 Rolleston Retail Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S84 Roll Ten Investments Ltd [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S98 S Belcher [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S99 A Belcher [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
S85 Lincoln Land Developments [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]