The documents for Private Plan Change Request by the Selwyn Plantation Board are listed below. This private plan change request is being notified and jointly heard with Private Plan Change 9, also requested by the Selwyn Plantation Board.

01 SPBL Holmes PC8 Application [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
02 App A Valuer Report PC8 [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
03 App B Certificates of Title PC8 [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
04 App C Site Plan PC8 [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
05 App D Landscape & Visual Report PC8 [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
06 App E ODPs PC8 [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
07 App F Servicing Report PC8 [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
08 App G Transport Assessment PC8 [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
10 App H Odour Assessment PC8 [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
11 App I Noise Assessment [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
12 App J ECan Consultation Response [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]
13 App K SPBL Responses to RFIs [PDF %asset_filesize_readable]