Operative as of 8 March 2008

Variation 27 Amendments to the height restrictions surrounding the Hororata Domain

Variation 27 makes amendments to the policies, rules and appendices in the District Plan relating to the height restrictions surrounding the Hororata Domain, where the Canterbury Gliding Club operate a public gliding field.

These changes include

  • Reducing the current height restrictions around the Hororata Domain so that they are consistent with Civil Aviation Authority guidelines;
  • Amending the relevant policy in the Rural volume of the Plan to be consistent with the Township volume;
  • Amending the rules relating to tree planting so that rather than preventing the planting of new trees which may potentially grow higher than the height restrictions, any tree planted must be maintained at a level which complies with the height restrictions.

The Variation was publicly notified on 26 October 2006.  The decision was released on 8 March 2008.

Public notice of Variation [PDF, 18 KB]

s42A RMA Officers Report [PDF, 1922 KB]

Recommendation of the Hearing Commissioner [PDF, 2313 KB]

Public notice of Council's decision [PDF, 10 KB]