Operative as of 8 December 2007

Variation 28 Industrial and Business Activities

As a result of submissions and subsequent appeals on the Proposed District Plan (PDP) the Council undertook a review of the way in which that Plan identifies and addresses the potential adverse effects associated with industrial activities (in all zones) and other types of business activities (in the Rural Zone). That review indicated that the existing policies and rules do not represent the most efficient or effective means of achieving the objectives of the PDP that seek to maintain the character and amenity values of each zone. In particular, it was found that the existing provisions pertaining to industrial activities could result in significant environmental costs on the basis that a discretionary activity status implies that such activities are generally

anticipated to occur in all parts of the rural area. Similarly, it was identified that the existing ‘effects-based’ rules do not provide sufficient control over the scale of business activities that

seek to establish in the Inner and Outer Plains areas of the Rural Zone.

A number of alternative approaches were considered and evaluated. The outcome of this process was to distinguish between “rural-based” and “other” industrial activities and to

provide a hierarchy of control for small to medium-large scale rural-based industrial activities and a listed activity status for all other industrial activities. It was also considered necessary

to insert additional provisions into the ‘effects-based’ rules to manage the adverse effects associated with the scale of other business activities in the rural area. Overall, the Council

determined that these provisions were the most appropriate means to achieve the objectives of the PDP and that they should be implemented by way of a variation to the PDP.

Variation 28 was notified on 11 November 2006 with submissions and further submissions closing on 18 December 2006 and 16 February 2007 respectively. There were 23

submissions raising a number of submission points and 19 further submissions either supporting or opposing those points.

On 8 December 2007 the Council accepted the recommendation of the Hearings Panel, limited to that part of the variation that dealt with industrial activities in all zones, along with recommended clarifications and minor corrections.  The Council decided to withdraw that part of Variation 28 that dealt with the effects of other non-rural and non-residential activities in the rural zone. This was then re-notified as Variation 29. Variation 28 became operative on 13 August 2008.

Public Notification 11 November 2006 [PDF, 111 KB]

Variation as notified [PDF, 231 KB]

s42A RMA Officers Report Attachment A [PDF, 230 KB]

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Recommendation of the Hearings Panel [PDF, 424 KB]

Public notice of the decision of the Council to accept the part of the variation that dealt with industrial activities in all zones, along with recommended clarifications and minor corrections [PDF, 97 KB]