A private plan change request has been lodged with Council to rezone land on the western side of the Leeston township - between High Street and Leeston Dunsandel Road and stretching out to Harmans Road.

The request seeks to rezone approximately 60 hectares of Living 1 (Deferred), Living 2 (Deferred) and Rural (Outer Plains) zoned land to a mix of Living 1 and Living 2. The requested change would largely adopt the existing provisions in the operative District Plan, but seeks minor amendments to remove policy related to the deferred status and include an ODP for the area. It also proposed to utilise the existing site sizes in the operative District Plan which provides for residential sections with an average minimum allotment size of 650m2 in the Living 1 zone and 5000m2 in the Living 2 zone. If approved, the plan change would result in the ability to provide for a total of 410 residential allotments – 380 in the Living 1 zone and 30 in the Living 2 zone.

The plan change seeks to lift the existing deferred status over 31 Leeston Dunsandel Road, 33-35 Leeston Dunsandel Road and part of Cochrane of Canterbury site at 125a High Street. These landowners were invited to participate in the plan change but did not wish to do so. However, as leaving the deferral over these sites is not considered good planning, the plan change includes these sites but does not seek to rezone them. The affected land owners are aware of this.

Updated 27 August 2019

This application is currently being reviewed to ensure the information is adequate for public notification. Once this has been completed and any required information received it will be taken to Council to be considered for notification. If Council decides to accept the Plan Change it will be publicly notified and opened to submission.


The Plan Change request consists of the following documents:

Application for Private Plan change in a single file [PDF, 29814 KB]

Application broken into component parts:

Private Plan Change request -Leeston township [PDF, 740 KB]
Appendix 1 Records of Title   [PDF, 1047 KB]
Appendix 2 Outline Development Plan  [PDF, 2656 KB]
Appendix 3 Transport Assessment [PDF, 1669 KB]
Appendix 4 Servicing Report  [PDF, 1815 KB]
Appendix 5 Geotechnical Investigation [PDF, 2934 KB]
Appendix 6 Flood Hazard Assessment  [PDF, 15773 KB]
Appendix 7 Preliminary Site Investigation [PDF, 3844 KB]n
Appendix 8 Section 32 Evaluation [PDF, 239 KB]
Appendix 9 Assessment of CRPS Objectives and Policies  [PDF, 223 KB]
Appendix 10 Assessment of DP Objectives and Policies [PDF, 247 KB]
Appendix 11 Assessment of the Mahaanui Iwi Management Plan  [PDF, 160 KB]
Appendix 12 Assessment of the Land and Water Regional Plan [PDF, 151 KB]


If you have any questions, please contact Jocelyn Lewes, Strategy and Policy Planner, on (03) 347-1809 or e-mail pc62@selwyn.govt.nz