Merf Ag Services Ltd and Matthew Reed have lodged a private plan change request with Council. The Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 60 hectares from Rural Outer Plains to Living 1 (14.6 ha.) and Living 1 Deferred (46 ha.) on the North Eastern side of Darfield along Kimberley Road.

The requested change does not seek to change any objectives but it does seek to change policies, rules and definitions. Within the proposed Living 1 Zone the rule provisions would allow for a retirement village catering for upwards of 110 residents, and over the remainder of the area a residential unit density of 650 m2 except for specified medium density areas which will have a maximum average allotment size of 500 m2, and a minimum allotment size of 400 m2. This will result in approximately 90 low density residential units, and 13 medium density residential units.

The Living 1 Deferred Zone will not be able to be subdivided until a wastewater solution has been implemented, but will have capacity for approximately 283 standard sized residential lots, 56 lower density lots (1000 m2), and 8 medium density lots.

17 December 2019

This application is currently being reviewed to ensure the information is adequate for public notification. Once this has been completed and any required information received it will be taken to Council to be considered for notification. If Council decides to accept the Plan Change it will be publicly notified and opened to submission.


The Plan Change request consists of the following documents:

Application for Private Plan change in a single file [PDF, 16743 KB]

Application broken into component parts:

Private Plan Change request -Darfield  [PDF, 841 KB]
Appendix 01 Certificates of Title  [PDF, 143 KB]
Appendix 02 Submission on 'Are we on track?' [PDF, 228 KB]
Appendix 03 Outline Development Plan  [PDF, 197 KB]
Appendix 04 Assessment Against Planning Provisions [PDF, 405 KB]
Appendix 05 Section 32 Evaluation [PDF, 222 KB]
Appendix 06 Servicing Report [PDF, 6863 KB]
Appendix 07 Wastewater Options Infrastructure Report [PDF, 709 KB]
Appendix 08 Preliminary Site Investigation [PDF, 5179 KB]
Appendix 09 Geotechnical Assessment [PDF, 5897 KB]
Appendix 10 Consultation Record [PDF, 955 KB]


If you have any questions, please contact Robert Love, Strategy and Policy Planner, on (03) 347-1821 or e-mail