CURRENT STATUS: Private plan change application received

See where this fits in the overall plan change process [PDF, 419 KB].

About the private plan change

On 9 June 2021 Birchs Village Limited lodged a private plan change request with the Council. The request seeks a change to the Operative Selwyn District Plan by rezoning approximately 37 hectares of current rural land in Prebbleton to residential land. This would enable approximately 400 residential sites.

On this page you can find all the information on the plan change request, including material that has been made available at each stage of the application process.

Map showing the proposed site

Update 10 June 2021 - Private plan change application received

The request is currently being reviewed to ensure the information is adequate for public notification. Once this has been completed and any required information received it will be taken to Council to be considered for notification. If Council decides to accept the request it will be publicly notified and opened to submissions.


The Plan Change request consists of the following documents:
Due to the size of the Application, it has been broken into component parts:

Private Plan Change Request - Birchs Village Limited [PDF, 1481 KB]Appendix 1: Records of Title [PDF, 1577 KB]
Appendix 2: Outline Development Plan [PDF, 948 KB]
Appendix 3: Analysis of New Residential Construction and Land Availability [PDF, 2119 KB]
Appendix 4: Urban Design Assessment [PDF, 1514 KB]  (updated 15/6/21)
Appendix 5: Traffic Assessment [PDF, 1793 KB]
Appendix 6: Servicing Report [PDF, 1578 KB]
Appendix 7: Preliminary Site Investigation [PDF, 5393 KB] (updated 15/6/21)
Appendix 8: Geotechnical Report [PDF, 2365 KB]
Appendix 9: Environment Canterbury Flood Assessment [PDF, 3626 KB]
Appendix 10: Landscape and Visual Assessment [PDF, 5132 KB]t
Appendix 11: Transpower Consultation [PDF, 476 KB]
Appendix 12: Assessment of National Policy Statement on Urban Development [PDF, 183 KB]
Appendix 13: Assessment of CRPS Objectives and Policies [PDF, 228 KB]
Appendix 14: Assessment of Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP) [PDF, 172 KB]
Appendix 15: Assessment of Mahaanui Iwi Management Plan (MIMP) [PDF, 188 KB]
Appendix 16: Assessment of Operative  Selwyn District Plan Objectives and Policies [PDF, 382 KB]
Appendix 17: Assessment of Proposed Selwyn District Plan Objectives and Policies [PDF, 346 KB]


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