Rupert and Catherine Wright have lodged a private plan change request with the Council. The Plan Change seeks to rezone approximately 30 hectares located east of Darfield from Rural Outer Plains to a mix of Business 2 (17ha) and Living 1 (7ha) zone.

The change seeks to insert a development plan and associated rules into the District Plan. If approved it would result in additional industrial development and up to 35 residential sites at an average density of 1,950m2.

Updated 09 September 2019

The application has been reviewed and a request for further information was issued on 06 September 2019.

Further information requested [PDF, 124 KB]

Updated 26 August 2019

This application is currently being reviewed to ensure the information is adequate for public notification. Once this has been completed and any required information received it will be taken to Council to be considered for notification. If Council decides to accept the Plan Change it will be publicly notified and opened to submission.


The Plan Change request consists of the following documents:

Application for Private Plan change in a single file [PDF, 27490 KB]

Application broken into component parts:

Private Plan Change request [PDF, 921 KB]
Appendix 1 Record of Title [PDF, 178 KB]
Appendix 2 Outline Development Plan [PDF, 4240 KB]
Appendix 3 Servicing Report [PDF, 1018 KB]
Appendix 4 Topographical Survey [PDF, 313 KB]
Appendix 5 Geotechnical Report [PDF, 1344 KB]
Appendix 6 Preliminary Site Investigation [PDF, 1344 KB]
Appendix 7 Assessment of CRPS Objectives and Policies  [PDF, 197 KB]
Appendix 8 Assessment of DP Objectives and Policies [PDF, 309 KB]
Appendix 9 Transport Assessment [PDF, 1593 KB]
Appendix 10 Air Quality Report [PDF, 3109 KB]
Appendix 11 Consultation with NZTA [PDF, 338 KB]
Appendix 12 Landscape Details [PDF, 5855 KB]
Appendix 13 Section 32 Assessment [PDF, 181 KB]


If you have any questions, please contact Ben Baird, Strategy and Policy Planner, on (03) 347-1854 or email