Subdividing Your Land

Subdivision always requires resource consent. The status of the subdivision (controlled, restricted discretionary, discretionary or non complying) depends on the level of compliance of the proposal with the subdivision rules in the District Plan. The relevant rules differ depending on what zone you’re in. Not sure what zone you’re in? Consult the Selwyn District Plan.

The first step is to engage a surveyor, who will prepare the application plan. You may wish to engage them to prepare the entire application and to lodge it with Council on your behalf.

Assuming that consent is granted, you have 5 years from the date of the decision to have the property surveyed and the resulting plan signed by Council pursuant to s223 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

From the date that the survey plan is signed, you have a further 3 years to:

  • fulfil any other conditions of the resource consent and pay any development contributions. Once Council is satisfied that all the conditions of consent have been fulfilled, we will issue a completion certificate pursuant to s224 of the RMA.
  • lodge the s224 certificate with Land Information New Zealand so that new certificates of title can be issued.

In terms of cost, you will be responsible for:

  • professional fees charged by your surveyor and any associated consultants in preparing the application and undertaking the survey and any associated work
  • time involved in Council staff processing your application (applications are charged on a time and cost basis)
  • undertaking any physical work required to provide access and services to each lot
  • development contributions for water, sewer, reserves and roads (where appropriate). The Long Term Plan (LTP) sets out the development contribution policy on pages 213 to 247.

Engineering Approvals

We now process Engineering Approvals electronically. Any correspondence should be directed to

Dewatering to the Stormwater/Drainage Network

Any construction dewatering to the Selwyn District Council stormwater or drainage network requires pre-approval. Please return application forms [PDF, 148 KB] to the Stormwater Engineer via