The requirements and parameters for family flats and second dwellings

Family flats, in addition to the main dwelling, are permitted provided that they comply with the following restrictions:

  • They must comply with the relevant bulk, location and relocation requirements for a dwelling on that site.
  • They can be no more than 70 square metres in gross floor area (excluding any garage). Note: Gross floor area is measured from the exterior face of the exterior walls.
  • They can only be lived in by someone of the same immediate family as someone in the main dwelling on the site.

In the Rural zone, the number of dwellings you can have on a site depends on the area of land held in that Certificate of Title. For example, in the Outer Plains, you are entitled to one dwelling per 20ha, so if a Certificate of Title contains 40ha, then two dwellings are permitted, provided that the relevant bulk and location requirements are met.

Please note that once the first dwelling on a site has been erected, a development contribution will be charged on the building consent for each subsequent dwelling on that site. The development contribution is detailed in the Council's Long Term Plan.

Please note that there will be a rates adjustment increase for any second dwelling, family flat or separately used or inhabited part of a rating unit. Please contact the Rates Department for further information.

In Living zones, only one dwelling and one family flat may be erected on a site as a permitted activity. You may be able to apply for resource consent to erect additional dwellings.

We welcome your enquiries either in person at our Rolleston Headquarters, or phone the Duty Planner (03) 347 2868 or e-mail