Information for anyone planning to relocate an existing building

Relocating a building requires a Building Consent and Resource Consent

A relocated building is any second hand building which is transported in whole or in parts and relocated from its original site to a new site. The District Plan definition excludes any new pre-fabricated building which is delivered and dismantled to a site for erection on that site.

The relocated building rules in the District Plan do not apply to dwellings that have been wholly deconstructed, packaged and then reconstructed on a different site.

Building Consent

A Building Consent is required to ensure that the building complies with the Building Act 2004, and is structurally sound for relocation purposes.

You will need to supply plans of the building. You can obtain this from our records department or if the building is being relocated from another district, you will need to contact their records department for the required information.

Resource Consent

The Resource Consent requires that relocated buildings are upgraded to an acceptable standard as soon as reasonably possible to minimise any detraction from the amenity of the areas into which they have been moved to.

The Application

A Resource Consent application to relocate a building must contain sufficient information to enable Council to understand what is proposed. The following information must be submitted in a Resource Consent application to Council, to place a relocated building on your property.

Completed application forms

A Resource Consent application form must be completed to relocate a building.

The form must contain a detailed description of the building to be relocated, the site where the proposed building is to be relocated, and details of existing buildings and topography.


You will need to supply the following plans:

  • Locality Plan: Identification of the property address.
  • Site Plan: Plan of the property accurately drawn to a recognised metric scale (1:100, 1:200, 1:500) on size A3 or A4 paper, showing:
    • the proposed position of the building on the property,
    • site boundaries,
    • site area,
    • location and use of all existing and proposed buildings (including accessory buildings) and their relationship to the site boundaries, and
    • other details such as the location of services and easements
    • elevations to determine compliance with the daylight setback requirements (recession planes) in Chapter C4.9 of the Township volume of the District Plan.


Photographs that clearly show the nature and condition of the building to be relocated.

Certificate of Title

A copy of the Certificate of Title* for the property including copies of any easements, consent notices or encumbrances held on the title, no older than six months.

*A copy of the Certificate of Title can be obtained from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

Building Condition Report

A building report prepared by a suitably qualified person, confirming the condition of the building and including an appraisal of likely remedial costs for bringing the exterior of the building up to a suitable standard.


Relocating any building in the District is a controlled activity if the building complies with all of the relevant conditions including setbacks, height, parking provisions etc.

Council reserves its right to control the following:

  • The length of time taken to re-construct, repair, or refurbish the building
  • Redecoration or reinstatement of any roof or exterior cladding
  • Reinstatement of any porches, terraces, baseboards  and steps
  • Replacement of broken window panes, broken or rotten timber, guttering, drainpipes
  • Reinstatement of that part of a dwelling where a chimney has been removed
  • Reinstatement of the site and access to the site
  • Details and length of time to complete site landscaping.


A bond secured by deposits of cash with the Council, bank guarantee, or otherwise, to the satisfaction of the Council, is required to ensure compliance with the Resource Consent conditions.

The bond is to be paid prior to the movement of the building to its new site, and is to be equal to the value of the work required, as assessed by a suitably qualified person approved by the Manager of Environmental Services.

The required work will be expected to be completed within a 12 month period.

Portions of the bond may be refunded at the discretion of the Manager of Environmental Services, as substantial portions of the exterior work are completed.

Relocated buildings shall comply, in all respects, with the conditions specified for permitted activities in the relevant parts of the District Plan unless specifically assessed and approved by the resource consent (e.g. boundary setback encroachment).

Where a proposal may not comply with one or more of the conditions for permitted activities, it may be necessary for the applicant to seek approval from any potentially affected parties.

Processing Fees

Resource Consent applications for relocated buildings currently incur fees.

Processing costs will be charged on an hourly basis and any balance will be invoiced upon completion of the consent processing.

The deposit payment must accompany the application form submitted to Council.

In addition to the costs of processing the application, fees will also be charged for the Building Consent and monitoring of the Resource Consent to ensure the building has been relocated and upgraded to a satisfactory standard prior to refunding the bond.


If you have any questions, please contact the Duty Planner on (03) 347-2868 or email