All about what you can do at Lake Coleridge

Lake Coleridge is 17 km long, 3 km wide, and less than 2 hours from Christchurch by car. It's the perfect retreat to "get away from it all" and taste the peace and beauty of the high country. As well as being a spectacular holiday, fishing and boating location, Coleridge's sparkling blue waters supply electricity to the people of Selwyn and beyond.


This discreetly-sited 90 year old hydro station does not require the large workforce of old and, as a result, Coleridge village, once occupied by the families, is now a tranquil haven of holiday and retirement homes.

Whether you are a day-tripper or a visitor from abroad, Coleridge has something for you, ranging from walks and views, to luxury accommodation and top class wining and dining.

Lake Coleridge Area Walks and Tramps