Construction of a new Community Park/Skate Park in Lincoln is planned to start in September 2017.

Skatepark features

The Community Park/Skatepark is located outside the front of the Lincoln Event Centre, near the existing play area. This location provides good visibility of the skate area, helping to improve the safety of the area.

The new design will has a small bowl for learners leading to an intermediate bowl which has lots of different carve lines as well as air and transfer lines.

Street features include both large and small hubba, ledges and rails. The existing 1200mm quarter pipe will remain.

The main design features:

  • a mini bowl which is suitable for younger/learner skater and scooter riders. This is a 9m long 600mm deep keyhole bowl
  • large hubba ramp and rail
  • a 1200mm deep bowl, a ditch-style banked area and smaller flat ledges and rail.


The total area is approximately 400m2.

It is 36m long east–west, and 18m wide north–south at its widest point.

Final design

The design of the facility was prepared after extensive consultation with the local community, schools, young people, potential users of the park and the Selwyn Youth Council. The design, developed by experienced skate park designer Dave North, incorporated a number of features which were suggested during public consultation.

Any questions can be directed to Council Community Projects and Facilities manager Cam Warr on