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This form is for booking the listed locations above. For the Lincoln Event Centre, or Community Centres in Rolleston, West Melton and Tai Tapu, please use our staffed booking enquiry form.

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To sell or supply alcohol (including where provision is included in ticket prices), a Special Alcohol Licence will be required and must be obtained before your event. Your licence must be submitted at least 21 days before your booking takes place.

Learn more about which events require an alcohol licence.

You can obtain your alcohol licence by phoning the council before your event or submitting an alcohol licence application.

If you have a copy of your Alcohol Licence, attach it here:

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For every 50 attendees, there must be one (1) responsible person listed. Each person responsible will need to make themselves known to the Duty Manager and will need to remain sober throughout the event

Please list names and contact phone numbers for all Responsible Persons for this event:

Other Alcohol Provision

If alcohol is intended to be provided, but not for "sale or supply", please contact our team directly for advice, on 0800 BOOKIN (266 546).


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Please Note: You will receive a copy of your enquiry at the email you have provided above. If you do not receive this,  please contact us on 0800 BOOKIN (266 546)