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Selwyn Awards 2020

The Selwyn Awards have been postponed due to COVID-19

We appreciate your interest in the Selwyn Awards 2020, however due to the impacts of COVID-19, Selwyn District Council has made the decision to postpone the 2020 Selwyn Awards originally planned for 1 August 2020. The awards will return in 2021, so please keep an eye out for updates later this year.

The Selwyn Awards recognise the outstanding work and achievements of businesses, not-for-profit organisations and individuals who live or work within the Selwyn district. Presented every two years, the awards are a celebration of excellence and inspirational accomplishments and are presented at a gala evening featuring awards presentations, dinner and entertainment.

Selwyn Awards 2020 Criteria

Award Categories

Young Achievers 

The Young Achiever Award is for a young person under 24 years of age, and recognises the outstanding achievement of a young Selwyn resident.

Startup Business

The Startup Business Award recognises the challenges new businesses and social enterprises face. The award acknowledges those that show courage, resilience and entrepreneurial qualities; that seize the opportunity to meet a gap in the market. This award is open to all businesses that have been operating for less than two years and based in the Selwyn district.

Arts, Culture and Heritage

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Award recognises the outstanding contribution an individual or not-for-profit group has made to the community within the Selwyn district, by increasing access and enhancing participation in arts, heritage and cultural activities. This award focuses on the human interaction with arts, culture and heritage rather than the built environment.

Sport Leadership

The Sport Leadership Award recognises the leadership within groups and clubs and their outstanding contribution to actively promote participation and excellence within the sport and recreation environment in the Selwyn district.


The Tourism Award recognises the outstanding contribution an operator or group has made by providing excellent visitor experiences in the Selwyn district for domestic and/or international visitors as well as contributing to the wider Selwyn tourism sector.

Environmental and Sustainability

The Environmental and Sustainability Award recognises the outstanding contribution an individual, not-for-profit group or business has made to improve the quality of life for people in the Selwyn district by promoting understanding of environmental issues and/or stimulating solutions.

Diversity and Inclusion with Businesses

The Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Award recognises the outstanding contribution businesses or social enterprises within the Selwyn district have made by adapting business models or practices to promote, recruit, retain, employ and or train those that face additional barriers. These could include, but are not limited to; physical, cultural and those with dependents.

Business Resilience

The Business Resilience Award is for businesses or social enterprises that have been in Selwyn for some time and recognises the outstanding contribution made to continuing economic wellbeing in Selwyn, wider Canterbury region, within New Zealand and/or internationally. This award is open to all businesses or social enterprises that have been operating for more than two years.

Community Wellbeing

The Community Wellbeing Award recognises the voluntary contribution an individual or group has made to improve the quality of life for people in the Selwyn district and enhance social wellbeing.

People's Choice

All nominees in the 2020 Selwyn Awards are eligible for the People’s Choice Award which is decided entirely by the public vote.