Enter the Selwyn Awards 2020

By entering the Selwyn Awards, successful individuals and organisations have the opportunity to:

  • Gain recognition for your achievements
  • Showcase your accomplishments to the wider community, raising your profile and reputation
  • Celebrate excellence with community, industry and peers
  • Leverage the credibility of winning a Selwyn Award to elevate future opportunities

Application Process

Selwyn Awards 2020 are free to enter and all applications must be completed via the online application form for each category.

Eligibility and Conditions of Entry

  • Entry to the Selwyn Awards is open to all individuals and organisations who either live or work within the Selwyn district.
  • To enter the Selwyn Awards 2020, you must confirm that you are answering the application questions openly and honestly and to the best of your ability.
  • You will be asked to confirm that you are not under investigation by any New Zealand statutory body (ie NZ Police, DOIA, Inland Revenue etc)
  • All applicant businesses/organisations must be registered with the Selwyn District Council.
  • Awards presented will be to the individual or business/organisation named on the application form.
  • No alterations to applications will be permitted after the date of submission although submissions may be withdrawn prior to judging commencing.
  • All entries must be submitted through the online application form for each award category.  All required questions must be answered and adhere to the correct word limit to be eligible.
  • The judging panel of experts reserves the right to ask further questions of applicants if details need to be clarified.
  • Judges’ decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into. Judges reserve the right to award multiple awards or no awards in any category. Judges also reserve the right to assign an applicant to a different category.
  • The applicant agrees that their name, application information and images can be used for promotional purposes in relation to the Selwyn Awards 2020.
  • Each award category may have specific eligibility criteria.
  • Your privacy is protected and all entries are regarded as confidential.

Useful Information

  • Individuals, businesses or organisations can nominate themselves for an award.
  • Entries will be judged based on the quality of your answers. If the question has more than one part to it, try to answer all the parts. Use specific examples to substantiate your answers if possible.
  • Each application is judged individually by each panel member. Each entry will be given a score which is weighted. Each weighted score from each judge will be added together to give an overall score for the application.
  • If you win an award we strongly suggest that you attend the Awards Ceremony. There will be a photographer and media at the event, so by attending you will maximise the media coverage for yourself. However, you don't have to attend the Awards Ceremony to accept the award.

Register your Interest

If you represent a business or organisation that you believe has significantly contributed to the Selwyn district economy and community, or are a resident or community member that has gone above and beyond to help others, please register your interest.