The Selwyn Business Directory is available for companies and organisations  in Selwyn to promote their business, and to help Selwyn residents find locally-provided goods and services.

Listing is free and is available for businesses which are located within Selwyn District, or provide services principally within Selwyn District. The location option ‘Outside Selwyn’ is available primarily for non-commercial national or regional service providers, community organisations and support networks which operate in Selwyn but do not have a direct local contact or physical presence.


We encourage you to include a photo in your listing – it will attract attention to your listing. You can do this by adding the URL (address) in the registration page or by emailing your photo to

By emailing us your photo you are agreeing to our process. Photos will be uploaded onto the Sensational Selwyn Flickr page, or the site, and then linked to your listing on the Selwyn Directory. Photos will be set so that anyone can view them. Selwyn District Council may use your photo for District and business promotional purposes both in print and electronic formats.

General Rights:

  • Every effort is made by the Selwyn Directory to help you write good listings but we do not guarantee the quality or the effectiveness of your listing.
  • Automatic reminders will be sent to remind you to maintain your listing with up to date information. If you do not maintain your listing annually it will be removed.
  • Final decisions on listings and linking are made by the the Selwyn Directory steering group (IT, Economic Development, Business Trainer). Contact if you wish to ask for a review.