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Strategic People Group

Strategic People Group is at the heart of defining what your people need to be doing differently to achieve your strategic objectives, putting systems and processes in to achieve those changes, supporting your leadership team in making the changes they need to and in monitoring progress to demonstrate value to your business.

What Makes us different

simplyThe work we do has its roots in positive psychology. The tools and techniques that have been developed from this research are simple to come to grips with and resonate strongly with managers and staff. Despite being simple, they are well-researched and have substantial empirical backing showing impact on engagement, innovation, collaboration, happiness, resilience and individual wellbeing.betterPut simply, our focus is on making things better. Whether it be with individuals or with organisations. Our approach to working with individuals and organisations has demonstrable and positive impacts on the way things work - making people more effective in their leadership, and organisations more innovative, customer focused, safer and productive. We relish the opportunity to see people and organisations develop to their full potential.

Core Products and Services

Leadership Development, training courses and coaching Engagement measurement and development, team development Talent management and attraction and selection strategies Change management