We may be at home, but we're not alone, for tips on getting through together visit the new Getting Through Together support site.

Or, if you need to talk see below a list of Selwyn agencies with volunteers available to chat.

If you are unwell and need health advice, contact your GP or call Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

For all other needs:

Urgent welfare Assistance for emergency food, household goods/services or other welfare-type requests0800 24 24 11
Accommodation0508 754 163
Financial support including WINZ0800 779 997
Essential business enquiries0800 22 66 57 or essential@mbie.govt.nz
Reporting breaches of self-isolationNHCCselfisolation@health.govt.nz

If you need to talk you can call or text 1737 or visit allright.org.nz for tips on getting through together

Or call one of these Selwyn agencies with volunteers happy to chat:

Generation House Salvation Armygenerationhouseproject.com or 03 347 0934
Age Concern Canterbury03 366 0903 or 0800 803 344
Lincoln Community Care03 325 2007
Ellesmere Community Care Organization03 324 4080 or 027 524 8080
Malvern Ward Two Rivers Community Trust021 122 9317
Selwyn Central Community Care027 313 1122