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1. Post event survey – how did people hear about the event, where did they travel from, how long did they stay in the district, on average how much did they spend.
2. Describe the activity that took place with local tourism operators – e.g. how many people stayed as a result of the event, duration of stay and average spend.

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Please note - All figures must be GST EXCLUSIVE. Attach your budget below. Files must be Word or PDF format and no larger than 5mb.

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If you have applied to any other body for grants for this event, or if you have applied for or received any funding from the Selwyn District Council in the current financial year (July 2018 – June 2019), please specify to whom and for how much:
Use the following structure: Funder - amount received/applied for - purpose of funding

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I hereby declare that the above information is correct. If the application is successful, my organisation agrees to provide within one month after the event has taken place:

  1. A full report on the event (report template provided)
  2. No less than two high resolution (minimum 1MB, jpeg format) photos from the event, video will also be accepted. The text and photos can be shared through Selwyn District Council media channels including but not limited to Council website, social media, newspaper publications, etc. to promote the positive outcomes that come from the Seed Funding Scheme.
  3. An accountability report within 12 months of receiving funding or as soon as the funds are spent (template provided on success)

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