The following are general criteria that apply for all Selwyn Community Fund applications and grants:

Financial assistance will only be available for “recognised” groups whose principal functions and/or activities are of a charitable (not-for-profit) nature.

  • A “recognised” group fulfils the following criteria: has been in existence for more than two years and provides an open membership to residents of Selwyn.
  • For new groups, no less than 2 letters of support are required from referees that are upstanding members of the community, who can verify the group’s purpose is charitable with a community focus and provides open membership to Selwyn residents.
  • Groups are able to apply to the Selwyn Community Fund, providing the funding’s purpose is for a not-for-profit, charitable and community focused project.

Applicants to the Selwyn Community Fund will be required to contribute to one or more of the following goals:

  1. To increase participation in physical activity across all ages.
  2. To increase participation, engagement and enjoyment for all.
  3. To celebrate and promote Selwyn’s uniqueness.
  4. To build community capacity, collaboration, awareness and understanding.
  5. To create and promote opportunities for volunteering.
  6. To encourage visitors.
  7. To encourage initiatives, activities and approaches that build community spirit, a sense of neighbourliness, belonging and connectedness.

Other general criteria:

  • Applicants must demonstrate the ability to plan and deliver projects in an efficient manner.
  • Applicants must be able to show a detailed budget showing proposed income and expenses for their projects. Please refer to the budget template.
  • Applications will be assessed on how they contribute to achieving community outcomes, or to achieving other outcomes of the specific fund they are applying to.
  • For equipment grants, preference is given to organisations demonstrating that equipment is shared with other community groups.
  • Any project or event that receives grants or support from Central Government or other funding sources will also be taken into account when assessing grant applications.

The following are the rules that apply for Selwyn Community Fund applications and grants:

  1. Retrospective projects or costs that have occurred or been incurred before the funding round closes, will not be considered.
  2. Applications received after closing date of the funding round will NOT be considered.
  3. A proportion of overhead costs (salaries, rent, etc.) relating directly to the project may be included in the budget, in order to be able to see the total project costs.  Please note that grants may NOT be used for costs associated with running the organisation, eg salaries and administration; see below for full list of costs that cannot be funded.
  4. Applicants may be required to provide a quote for high value project/event expenses.
  5. The Council has a desire to encourage organisations to work collaboratively to achieve common goals. Joint applications will be considered by the Selwyn Community Fund Committee without prejudicing other applications from the individual organisations.
  6. Where an organisation is already in receipt of a grant administered to the Selwyn District Council or any other type of funding from Council, then these should be disclosed as part of the application. These other funding sources will form part of the consideration by the Selwyn Community Fund Committee.
  7. Evidence of other fundraising undertaken and applicant contribution, including in-kind contributions (e.g. volunteer hours) to the project or initiative must be provided.
  8. All applications must declare any conflict of interest that may exist with the Council, if relevant.
  9. All successful applicants must acknowledge the support of the Selwyn District Council on any correspondence, advertising or other publicity material.

Additional information for events:

Events in public places will require application to, and authorisation from, Selwyn District Council in accordance with the Policy on Commercial Activities and Events in Public Places 2017.

The event must:

  1. Take place in the Selwyn district
  2. Promote the Selwyn district
  3. Attract local, regional, national and international visitors (mix dependent on the event)
  4. Be open to the public
  5. Be run preferably by a not-for-profit organisation with a charitable status, although applications from community groups and individuals may be accepted
  6. Help to increase the range and diversity of events held in the Selwyn district
  7. Encourage waste minimisation and recycling

Grants may be used for:

  • Equipment hire
  • Promotion and publicity
  • Grants can be used to cover Council-related expenses (e.g. road closures or the hire of Council facilities).
  • Goods or materials needed to stage an event – e.g. sets and costumes
  • Waste minimisation, recycling and transfer station fees

Grants may NOT be used for:

  • Travel for meetings, events or conference attendance, except where “volunteer training” is the primary purpose.
  • Costs associated with running the organisation, e.g. salaries and administration.
  • Meetings or conferences.
  • Prize money.
  • Food, beverage or catering costs.
  • Maintenance or development of facilities.
  • Research, feasibility studies or evaluation projects.
  • Projects/initiatives/events which have received funding from this fund in the same financial year for the same project/initiative/event.
  • Repaying or servicing debt.
  • Projects or activities to promote commercial, political or religious activities, including political advocacy, employment and/or business initiatives, commercial enterprises or initiatives which look to change legislation.
  • Fundraising projects or activities for the applicant. Requests from fundraisers, including commercial or professional fundraisers whose purpose is to distribute money to others will not be considered.
  • Projects and initiatives run by, or for the benefit of, commercial or profit orientated organisation, exception such organisations registered with the Charities Commission.
  • Operations and activities of health and education organisations which are predominantly funded by Central Government or its subsidiary agent. However, organisations or partnerships that receive nominal Central Government funding (including health and education related) may apply for a grant for purposes other than their normal activities, if the purposes have a wider community benefit and the Government does not fund as part of its contracted activities.
  • Requests where there is evidence of a conflict of interest which, in the opinion of the Council, has not been disclosed by these requesting the grant or has not been satisfactorily managed or the risk is reduced when the request was made.


There is an expectation that the recipients of grants will provide a level of accountability for their funding. Funding recipients are required to spend funding within 12 months of receiving the funds, unless there is prior written agreement to carry overfunds. Without prior written agreement, any funds that aren’t spent within this 12-month period are to be refunded to the Selwyn District Council.

Accountability reports are due as soon as funds are spent or within 12 months of receiving funding. Accountability report templates will be sent once application success is confirmed or is available online. The accountability report will include information such as, but not limited to;

  1. Financial details – details of how the grant was spent with receipts
  2. A description of you used the funds, the activities that took place or the equipment that was purchased. Include photographs, receipts and other evidence where relevant.
  3. Provide feedback from participants, evaluation details or reflections from, your organisation. Include photos, videos, newspaper articles.
  4. Provide a description of the benefits that have been achieved with the use of funds.

Terms and conditions of Selwyn Community Fund grants over $1000:

The recipient shall:

  1. Provide the accountability reports as soon as funds are spent or within 12 months of receiving funding. Acknowledge receipt of the grant in its annual report if applicable
  2. Acknowledge support of Council in any publicity material
  3. Keep and maintain accurate records of the application and expenditure of the grant including, but not limited to, receipts, bank statements and invoices
  4. Notify the Police and the Council immediately if it has reason to believe that the grant or any part has been stolen or misappropriated
  5. Notify the Council immediately if it experiences any issues or difficulties which may compromise the use of the grant for the purposes specified in the application
  6. Advise the Council of any changes to its legal status at any time during the term of this agreement.