Additional information for events

Events in public places will require application to, and authorisation from, Selwyn District Council in accordance with the Policy on Commercial Activities and Events in Public Places 2017.

The event must:

  1. Take place in the Selwyn district
  2. Attract local, regional, national and international visitors (mix dependent on the event)
  3. Be open to the public
  4. Be run preferably by a not-for-profit organisation with a charitable status, although applications from community groups and individuals may be accepted
  5. Help to increase the range and diversity of events held in the Selwyn district
  6. Encourage waste minimisation and recycling
  7. Promote the Selwyn district

In addition to the general criteria and rules, grants for events can contribute to the cost of:

  1. Equipment hire
  2. Promotion and publicity
  3. Regulatory costs associated with the staging of the event – e.g. Traffic Management Plans, resource consents for structures such as marquees.
  4. Goods or materials needed to stage the event – e.g. sets and costumes
  5. Waste minimisation, recycling and transfer station fees

In addition to the general criteria and rules, grants may NOT be used for:

  1. Costs associated with running the organisation, eg salaries and administration
  2. Meetings or conferences
  3. Prize money
  4. Food, beverage or catering costs
  5. Maintenance or development of facilities
  6. Research, feasibility studies or evaluation projects
  7. Projects/initiatives/events which have received any other Council funding in the same financial year for the same project/initiative/event