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Current Closing Date: Friday 31 March 2022, 5pm

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Benefits to the Darfield Township and community (specify in terms of social, cultural, economical and environmental)

Health & Safety implications for this project (how will Health & Safety regulations and requirements be managed during the course of the project)

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In the event the application is successful, I/we confirm that:

  1. The information supplied is correct to the best of our knowledge.
  2. Funds will be spent as declared in this application for the purpose of the project as described.
  3. Funding granted is inclusive of GST.
  4. Progress reports as well as a final report will be submitted.
  5. Receipts and a record of all expenditure will be kept and submitted as part of the final report at the conclusion of the project.
  6. Committee members may visit the project at any time during the project.

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