Parking safety officers' job is to help and educate road users in Selwyn on making the right parking decisions.

As part of their duties, parking safety officers can issue infringement notices for stationary vehicle offences on public local roads and public spaces, such as:

  • breaching parking regulations and bylaws (illegal parking)
  • evidence of vehicle inspection offences for Warrant Of Fitness & Certificate of Fitness
  • expired vehicle registration
  • unlicensed motor vehicle
  • unauthorised licence plates
  • worn or damaged tyres
  • registration plates not affixed

Please visit the Parking Information and Fees page for a full list of stationary vehicle offences.

Parking safety officers also have powers to:

  • manage road safety and traffic issues
  • request a driver's details for example, their name and address and details about their vehicle
  • direct a driver to move their vehicle if it constitutes a traffic hazard
  • move or arrange to move a vehicle to any place where it no longer constitutes a traffic hazard.

Relevant legislation

Parking safety officers are warranted to provide services throughout Selwyn district by the following legislation:

  • Section 177 of the Local Government Act 2002
  • Section 128D & 128E of the Land Transport Act 1998

Use of cameras

Parking safety officers may be equipped with body worn cameras as a health and safety measure when carrying out their duties.