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The Council’s COVID-19 rates payment extension has expired.

If you are struggling with paying your rates or water invoices please contact us so we put a payment plan in place to help you.  You can reach our team by email or call  0800 SELWYN (735 996).

Applying for a rates payment extension

To help Selwyn ratepayers who may be facing financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering an extension of time to pay your rates.

  • Rate period covered: 2019/20 instalment 4 and 2020/21 rating year
  • Affordable direct debit payments to 30 November 2020
  • From 1 December to 30 June 2021 direct debit payments will increase to clear the balance of your account

Payment arrangements

You will need to enter into a direct debit arrangement with the Council. We will deduct the payments from your nominated bank account.

Payment deductions will be weekly or fortnightly (can be aligned with when you are paid) on a Friday, or monthly on the 20th of the month.  If any of these days fall on a public holiday or at the weekend the payment will be deducted on the next business day.

During the term of your rate payment extension penalties will not be charged.

The Council rating year covers the period from 1 July to 30 June.

Affordable payments with a minimum of $10 per week (or equivalent) will be deducted from the time we enter into a payment agreement to 30 November 2020.

Higher minimum payments are encouraged as this will lessen the amount you will pay later.

During this period Council will not make any changes to your minimum payments.

Direct debit deductions will increase from 1 December 2020 to clear the balance on your account by 30 June 2021.

Selwyn District Council reserves the right to seek further information relating to your rates payment extension. This may include, but is not limited to, confirmation from your employer of reduced hours or salary, or proof that your business is receiving the Government Covid-19 wage subsidy.

Payment Dishonours

If three direct debit payments are dishonoured due to insufficient funds, any existing agreement for a rates payment extension will cease and the direct debit will be cancelled. From that time you will need to manage your payments. Your account will revert back to payments being due in full each quarterly instalment date. Penalties will be charged on any outstanding balance not paid in full by the instalment due dates and outstanding year end balances. Instalment due dates are 15 September, 15 December, 15 March and 15 June.

If your circumstance change at any time during the agreed period please contact us. If you are in a position to make additional payments please contact us for further information.

We are here to work with you.

Apply for a rates payment extension for your residential or business property

To complete your request you will need your Valuation Number, which can be found on your rates invoice, or by contacting us on 0800 SELWYN (735 996)

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