Rates Postponement Policy

The Council adopted a Rates Postponement Policy in 2021.

This policy allows ratepayers (usually those aged over 65) to postpone paying their rates by placing a charge over their property. This is similar to a reverse mortgage. The rates will usually be paid when the ratepayer ceases to be the owner of the rating unit.

The policy has specific eligibility criteria and is designed so that it does not place additional costs on other ratepayers.

The advantage of the policy is that it provides an option to some ratepayers that may otherwise struggle to pay their rates.

It is however a big decision to take and the policy therefore requires an applicant to obtain independent advice from an appropriately qualified and trained person before entering into a rates postponement.

View the Rates Postponement Policy.

To apply for a rates postponement contact the council on contactus@selwyn.govt.nz or phone 0800 SELWYN (735 996)