About our rating types and how they are levied

The following rates and charges are levied:

Uniform Annual General Charge

The Uniform Annual General Charge per rateable property is not related to property value. This moderates to some degree the extremes in rates which would apply if the rating system was based solely on property values.

General Purposes Rate

This rate is levied on the basis of Capital Value on the property on all rateable properties. It provides the net funding for all Council operations which are not financed by targeted or special rates.

Targeted Rates and Charges

This class of rates and charges are levied on properties within designated areas to recover the operational, maintenance and other specific functions to those properties. The following classifications of rates are made and levied:

  • Refuse collection
  • Libraries
  • Community Centres
  • Recreational Areas
  • Water supplies
  • Sewerage
  • Swimming Pools
  • Land drainage
  • Malvern Community Board

Rates for these purposes can be based on capital values, property areas, land classification, or fixed charges per rateable property.

In some instances, user charges based on metered water use are also used, where a property is situated within an area specific for the purpose and is not connected to either a reticulated water supply or sewerage system. In these cases half of the full water charge is made and user charges are additional.

Special Rates

These rates are levied in respect of loan charges.