Rates are an important way that the Council helps fund the essentials that keep Selwyn thriving. Your rates are working for you 24/7, providing great value for the services that you, your neighbours and communities across the district enjoy.

Find out where your rates go [PDF, 183 KB]

Your rates invoice will include details of your rates contribution for 2019/20. You can check out the details of your rates by clicking on ‘property search’.

Your invoice details the rates assessed for your property for both the Council and Environment Canterbury (we act as agent for the collection of Environment Canterbury rates within Selwyn district).

If you pay by direct debit you will receive information on your new direct debit in a separate letter. If you pay by direct debit, then as long as you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover payments on the due dates, you will not be charged penalties.

For ratepayers not on a direct debit, rates are payable in four instalments – 15 September, December, March and June. Penalties are charged on instalments not paid in full by the due dates and there is a further penalty if rates are not paid by 30 June.

The average rates increase for the 2019/20 year is 6%, however this will vary for individual properties. This year also takes account of updated capital values, which may affect the amount of rates you pay. Rates may also increase if you have made changes to your property, for example if you have built a house on your section, or if you have changed your wheelie bins.

If you have any queries regarding your rates please contact us at rates@selwyn.govt.nz

Changes this year

Changes in rates for 2019/20 are largely in line with what was forecast in the Long-Term Plan 2018–2028 (LTP).

Overall, rates across the district will increase from 1 July 2019 by approximately 6%, as signalled in the LTP. This is an average across the district, and actual movements may be smaller or greater than this amount, but for most ratepayers the increase will be 5 to 6%. The rate rises are largely to fund the increasing range of services that will be available for the Selwyn community, including Te Ara Ātea and the Foster Park indoor courts.

Changes in rates will also show the impact of the recent rating valuation on different sectors and areas in Selwyn. Those whose property values increased by more than the district average of 8.7% will tend to have higher increases than those whose values increased by less than the average. Lifestyle, commercial and industrial sectors as a whole will now pay a higher percentage of the general rate given the increase in value is above the average movement in values across the district.

The main changes to the rates are set out below. Some rates, for example the sewerage rate and refuse rates (other than Lake Coleridge), have not changed this year.




Why the change?

General Rate


6% increase

To fund the roading programme (increased maintenance expenditure, intersection improvements, cycleways, town centre improvements), the review of the District Plan and the impact of growth on the Council’s costs

Uniform Annual  General Charge



The increase is for the reasons summarised above for the General Rate

Malvern Community Board



To fully fund the running costs of the Board

Community Centre rate



To fund the new multi-purpose indoor courts facility (Foster Park)

Recreation reserve



General cost increases

Refuse - Lake Coleridge



To fund the introduction of the recycling service in 2018

Water – base rate



General cost increases

Water – cubic metre charge



General cost increases

Restricted water – per water unit



General cost increases

Water races – amenity



The rate reflects the broader public benefits of the water race network - it helps with biodiversity, is home to some endangered species, is aesthetically pleasing and is part of the district’s rural heritage. The increase is to help cover full cost of maintaining the network

Water races – per hectare



Increase to help cover full cost of maintaining the network

Water races – minimum



Increase to help cover full cost of maintaining the network

Swimming Pools – zone 1



General cost increases

Swimming Pools – zone 2



General cost increases

Swimming Pools – zone 3



General cost increases




Increase to help fund Te Ara Ātea (new multi-functional library in Rolleston)




General cost increases

Find out more about the Annual Plan 2019/20.

Detailed tables showing rates examples for 2019/20 can be found at pages 112 to 117 of the Annual Plan document [PDF, 4889 KB].

Find out more about rates, including the different types of rates and how you can pay.