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Rentals & Leased Properties

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Council has a limited number of rental properties in Darfield, Lincoln and Rolleston.

Any properties available for rent will be advertised in the Council Call section of the local papers.

For further information please contact Council by phone, letter or email

Registrations of Interest - 5,7,9,11,13 and 15 Ritso Street Darfield

Selwyn District Council is seeking Registrations of Interest (ROI) from New Zealand Registered Charities having an interest in providing local social housing within Selwyn. Tenders will be submitted as part of a deadline sale process.

Council are reducing their housing stock, and resolved to declare surplus and dispose of a number of houses and one section on Ritso Street in Darfield. The properties are in the process of a complex disposal process and are now being offered to NZ Charities. Each property has a benchmark price to meet due to right of first refusal obligations with local iwi. If the properties do not sell through this tender process they will be offered for sale on the open market.

Charities should register their interest through the NZ Government Electronic Tender Service website (Gets) notice number 19368008. ROI close on Friday 9 February at 5pm.

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