Information on Councils projects that support walking and cycling for both transportation and recreational purposes.

Many people find that the Selwyn district is a great place for walking and cycling.

Mayoral-ChallengeThe largely flat topography and climate of the plains areas of the district are excellent for walking and cycling, whether for utilitarian trips to work, school or the shops, or for recreation or tourism. The more mountainous areas to the west and the Port Hills to the east attract more recreational participants in both activities.

Walking and cycling is beneficial for individuals, easy on our environment and is supported by the Selwyn District Council. We have seen the success of the first stages of the Christchurch to Little River Railtrail in attracting and fostering cycling, and to a lesser extent walking, as means of transport Walking and cycling also helps the wider promotion and development of the district.

Walking--and--Cycling-Strategy-PicThis Strategy is intended to guide the people and Council of Selwyn district as they make walking and cycling an integral part of their daily lives and Selwyn a more pedestrian and cycle friendly district. While it does focus on the Council’s projects, it is also intended to help guide other organisations in their efforts to improve conditions for walking and cycling for transport and recreation.

Contact: or phone the council for more information.