The Selwyn drink driving campaign commences each year in December.

The aim of the campaign is to reduce the number of alcohol-related crashes in our district by encouraging our residents and visitors to plan a safe ride home before going out for a few drinks with friends, family and work colleagues during the Christmas holiday season.

That's a fail

Where there is a courtesy van provided, the smart choice is to use it. Another option is having a designated sober driver organised. Everyone can have their turn over the long holiday period.

If you or your family and friends are going out for a few drinks, always encourage them to arrange a safe ride home before they go out. Options available are:

  • Have a designated sober driver
  • Use the local pub's courtesy van
  • Use a taxi or public transport if it is available
  • Ask someone to pick you up (who hasn’t been drinking)
  • Only accept a lift if you are certain that the driver has not been drinking or using drugs

However, the same message also rings true if you are having a few people around for drinks at your home. If you are planning a BBQ or party at home, being a responsible host is vital. So plan your party well.

We all know that having food with a few drinks is very important. Preferably it should be more than just a few chips and peanuts and available regularly throughout the night.

Other suggestions for the host:

  • Offer non and low alcoholic drinks
  • Always have water available on the bar or table
  • Do not be overly generous when it comes to pouring the measures of drinks
  • Help your guests organise safe transport options, or even offer the couch.
  • Having one or more drivers who can safely take your guests home is always possible, even in rural areas.
  • Drink and serve alcohol responsibly

We all have a part to play in keeping ourselves or our family and friends safe after having a great time. Driving yourself or allowing someone else to drive after a few drinks is not an option!