Each year Selwyn District Council supports Kickstart, a Canterbury motorcycle safety initiative that promotes rider training.

In 2019 Kickstart isn't a one day event, it's a series of roadside coffee stops, where we'll shout you a coffee, and you can go in the draw to win prizes. There'll be giveaways this year that are actually worth having !!

Our event as part of the series is a Coffee Stop for motorcyclists on State Highway 75 at Tai Tapu on 6 October. Between 9 am and 3 pm we will be adjacent to The Store, with vouchers for coffee at The Store. We'll have the Ride Forever trainers there to talk motorcycle stuff to, and prize draws for you to enter.

In September this year we will be taking part in Motorcycle Awareness Month. You'll see some promotion around getting people to look out for motorcyclists. If people see you, they are far less likely to pull out in front of you.

Here's a tip though; one of the biggest problems is motorcyclists riding in places where people can't see them. A thinking motorcyclist thinks about whether people can see them or not, and adjusts/uses their position to make them self more visible.

In this example, the yellow motorcyclist is visible to the opposing car driver, the red motorcyclist isn't. Using your road position to maximise your safety is something you can learn on Ride Forever courses.

MC Visibility

To remove any barrier to training, if you are a Selwyn resident and you complete a Ride Forever course with any of the three Canterbury trainers, we will arrange to refund you the registration fee you paid. This means your training is free.

Contact the Canterbury Ride Forever trainers

Ride Forever is a program to help motorcyclists to enjoy their riding, but to reduce their risk of injuring themselves or others when making the most of our amazing motorcycling environment. The Ride Forever website has a wealth of information about gear, techniques, events, coaching, and a variety of other motorcycle subjects.

Spend some time on the website, it contains some great information for motorcyclists, regardless of how experienced they are.

Ride Forever

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