Look Twice, Safe a Life

Look twice for motorcyclists. At every Intersection, every lane change, every time.

Since 2017, there have been 33 crashes involving motorcycles in the Selwyn District; with 13 of those crashes being serious or fatal. Selwyn District Council supports multiple motorcycle safety initiatives in the district to help reduce the risk of motorcycle crashes.

Ride Forever

Ride Forever is an ACC initiative that aims at giving motorcyclists sound advice and the chance to upskill for safety. Ride Forever offers On-Road Coaching, which is the only nationally available, certified rider coaching programme in New Zealand. There are multiple levels of On-Road Coaching available to suit all needs or give riders the chance to work their way to having the most advanced skills. The courses range from 4-8 hours in length and $20 - $50 in cost.

To remove any barrier to completing the On-Road Coaching, if you are a Selwyn resident and you complete a Ride Forever course with any of the three Canterbury trainers, the Selwyn District Council will arrange to cover the cost through your trainer. All you have to do is pay for the registration and then once you have completed the training, your trainer will reimburse you the cost. The Ride Forever website has a wealth of information about gear, techniques, events, online and on-road coaching, and a variety of other motorcycle subjects.


Kick Start event 2017

The Selwyn District Council supports Kickstart, a Canterbury motorcycle safety initiative which is run as a one day or roadside event that promotes rider training.

In 2019 Kickstart wasn't a one day event, it was a series of roadside coffee stops, where we shouted you a coffee, you could chat with our Ride Forever trainers, and had the chance to go in the draw to win prizes.

This year, we are running a Kickstart event. This will be a one day event where you can sit in on information sessions around bike maintenance and safety, chat with our Ride Forever trainers, see live safety demonstrations and purchase food from local food vendors. There will also be chances to purchase gear and go in the draw to win a series of prizes.

The Kickstart event planning is underway and aims to be run at the A&P Showgrounds on 18 October 2020. There is also a Kickstart Facebook page where there are regular updates, competitions and safety information.

Motorcycle Awareness MonthShows two motorcyclists riding side by side which limits one riders visibility to an oncoming car.

In September we take part in Motorcycle Awareness Month. You'll see some promotion around getting people to look out for motorcyclists. If people see you, they are far less likely to pull out in front of you.

Here's a tip though; one of the biggest problems is motorcyclists riding in places where people can't see them. An alert motorcyclist thinks about whether people can see them or not, and adjusts/uses their position to make themselves more visible.

In this example, the yellow motorcyclist is visible to the opposing car driver, the red motorcyclist isn't. Using your road position to maximise your safety is something you can learn on Ride Forever courses.