Sharing the road tips for both cyclists and drivers, to make the roads safer for both

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Vehicles and bikes need to share the road.

This means both drivers and cyclists need to respect each other’s space – and both need to be alert and stick to basic road rules.

“Share the road” for drivers means:

  • keeping a sharp eye out for bicycles at all times
  • double-checking for cyclists when turning left or opening car doors
  • taking extra care at intersections and roundabouts
  • giving cyclists plenty of “safe space” when passing, and do not attempt to overtake the cyclist if there is oncoming traffic until you have sufficient clear road ahead

· “Share the road” for cyclists means:

  • being visible with lights, reflectors and bright clothing
  • obeying road rules
  • avoiding sudden changes of direction
  • cycling as close to the side of the road that is safely practical
  • using a cycle lane wherever they are available
  • riding in a straight line and at least one metre away from parked cars
  • watching out for car doors opening, pedestrians, potholes, rubbish and other hazards