Requirements for driving past a school or a school bus

20K either way when passing a school bus

20 is Plenty

Did you know that the speed limit is 20km/h when passing a school bus that has stopped to let children on or off? This rule applies to traffic on both sides of the road.  This may seem like a snail’s pace, but children can be unpredictable and travelling at 20km/h reduces the risk of harm if a child was to run out onto the road and get hit. Also – the faster you go, the bigger the fine…

20 km/h +
1-10 km/h = $30
11-15 km/h = $80
16-20 km/h = $120
21-25 km/h = $170
26-30 km/h = $230
31-35 km/h = $300
36-40 km/h = $400
41-45 km/h = $510 + instant suspension of driver licence
46-50 km/h = $630 + instant suspension of driver licence
>50 km/h = court appearance + fine of up to $1,000

So if you were caught driving 71km/h past a stopped school bus in a 100km/h zone you would face a court appearance and a fine of up to $1,000… something to think about. So remember – 20 is Plenty past a stopped school bus.

Slow down near schools

Caution ChildrenSelwyn District has 25 schools – 22 primary and three secondary schools. Police strictly enforce speed past schools – anyone caught travelling more than 4km/h over the posted speed limit within 250 metres of a school or early childhood centre boundary is liable for a fine.

In Selwyn District we have installed 40km/h advisory speed rural school zone signs outside our nine rural schools.

We also have a “Your Speed” radar (speed calming device) that is mounted outside or opposite Selwyn District schools that have identified speeding concerns. It is on a rotation schedule of seven schools per year for approximately five weeks each during term time.