Roading projects currently in progress

Prebbleton Intersection Upgrades

Multilane roundabout upgrades are currently under design at Shands Road and Blakes Road intersection and Springs Road and Marshs Road intersection. The intention is for construction to commence in Summer 2020.

These intersection upgrades are to improve local roading connectivity to the new Southern Motorway interchanges. The resulting increase in traffic on Springs Road and Shands Road also underpin the proposed programme of works.

Shands/Blakes Location Plan [PDF, 2474 KB]
Springs/Marshs Location Plan  [PDF, 2892 KB]

Any queries regarding this project should be addressed to the Transportation team at in the first instance.

Lincoln Tai Tapu Shared Path - Contract 1402

Council contracted Pidgeon Contracting Ltd to construct a small section of shared path along Lincoln Tai Tapu Road between Ellesmere Road and Perymans Road.

The work is programmed to be completed by the end of December 2020.

Queries in relation to the construction can be made to

Blakes Road Seal Widening - Contract 1410

Upcoming future works on Blakes Road will include widening to a 9.0m carriageway from Cairnbrae Drive to Shands Road.

This work will go out for tender with the Prebbleton Intersection Upgrades contract.

Rolleston Templeton Cycleway - Contract 1411

This project is in the design phase. Works will involve undergrounding power and a 2.5m wide shared pathway along Jones Road between Dawsons Road and Globe Bay Drive.

The work is estimated to be completed by late June 2021.

Springston Rolleston Road Upgrade - Contract 1414

Project works include new kerb and channel and a shared pathway along the west side of Springston Rolleston Road between Dynes Road and Broadlands Drive.

The tender has been awarded to Downers NZ and is anticipated to commence 11 January 2021 with completion 26 February.

Queries in relation to the construction can be made to