The Canterbury earthquakes have seriously damaged around 1000km of Christchurch City’s roading network. To put this into some proportion, this would equate to 42% of Selwyn’s total roading network! In addition over 600km of utilities need to be repaired or replaced throughout Christchurch – typically located under the City’s roads too.

We have all been frustrated with navigating our way around the city in recent times, and this is only going to get increasingly challenging as further works planned by SCIRT (Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) start hitting its stride. The current level of repair and reconstruction activity on Christchurch’s roads is estimated to be only at a level of 40% of what will be eventually occurring for a number of years.

The Transport for Christchurch web site has been developed to assist travellers, and includes an interactive map to identify where road works are located and how they may affect journey planning into and around the city. The map also provides real-time traffic flow information on arterial roads within the city area and other roading and transport information. For further information visit

Safe travels!