Guidelines to installing or replacing mail boxes on rural roads with a speed limit of greater than 70km/h.

Rural Mail Boxes

These guidelines apply to all new and replacement mail box installations on rural roads with a speed limit of greater than 70km/h.

How can I get my mail delivered to my rural property?

If you would like to join the Rural Delivery Service, fill in an application form at your nearest New Zealand Post outlet.

It is critical you talk to the rural post owner-driver before erecting a new box as there can be some specific requirements that need to be considered due to most delivery points being unique.

Pick up a free Rural Post customer pack from your New Zealand Post outlet that contains everything you need to join or leave the Rural Delivery Service.

Where can I put my rural mail box?

The mail box needs to allow easy, all-weather access and be positioned so the rural post operator can reach it without difficulty. The access is to be constructed and maintained by the box owner. If the box is not being positioned on the road reserve outside your property obtain the permission of the property owner whose property it is outside.

What are the requirements for a rural mail box?


Mail boxes should be firmly attached to supports that break away safely if struck by a vehicle.

Posts should be pine up to 100mm x 100mm; steel posts up to 76mm outside diameter or aluminium posts up to 114mm outside diameter.

The method of attaching the mail box to the post should be substantial enough to prevent the mail box from separating from the support under impact from a vehicle.

Height of the Box

The height of a mail box is usually set to suit the rural post operator. As a guide, the bottom of the mail box should be 1-1.2m above ground.

Construction of Box

A purpose-built rural mail box can be purchased from selected retail and hardware stores.

Minimum Size

400mm deep x 270mm wide x 270mm high, with a flag fitted to indicate mail is awaiting collection.


Access is via a front opening, non-locking hinged door, facing off the road and fitted with a posting gap large enough for medium letters to be placed inside without opening the door. The opening should be no less that 125mm x 25mm.


Mail boxes of heavy steel or other substantial materials have been designed and sold as deterrents to vandalism. Mail boxes over 5kg in weight should not be on road reserve.

Road Numbers

The road number of the property should be clearly printed on the box in numerals at least 25mm high.


Use of reflective material markers can provide increased visibility of mail boxes at night. Consider placing markers on both sides of the mail box. The markers on the approach side should be white with yellow facing the opposite direction.

My neighbours and I want to group our mail boxes. What are the requirements?

Grouped mail boxes can be a hazard to motorists especially when the horizontal support is at windshield height. Multiple mail box installations must not include a heavy horizontal or vertical support member.

Is there any limit to the type of structure I can erect on the road reserve in association with my mail box?

It is important that there are no hazardous structures on the road reserve whether or not they are associated with a mail box. Hazardous structures include (but are not limited to) lawn mowers, rail road irons, tractor wheels or tyres, plough blades and concrete filled barrels.

More Info

For any questions regarding your Rural Delivery Service please call NZ Post Customer Support 0800 501 501 or email