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Upcoming Waste and Recycling Related Events

We will be sponsoring two waste-free workshops in September hosted by kiwi mum Kate Meads. Tickets for each event are $25 per person or couple and each ticket includes a free goodie bag.

Food Lovers Masterclass


Waste Free Parenting

When: Thursday 26 September, 10am - 12pm

Where: Lincoln Event Centre


When: Thursday 26 September, 6.30 - 9pm

Where: Lincoln Event Centre

During this two hour masterclass you will learn lots about what kiwis waste and how you can save money by reducing your food waste at home, from meal planning to smart shopping to smart storage.

You will learn about the first in first out approach, what is the difference between "use by" and "best before" and when all else fails, the last resort options.


This is a humorous, entertaining and inspirational event full of tips and ideas around ways you can minimise waste in your home especially with young children in the house.

You will be introduced to sustainable household products and shown the environmental impact of the choices you make.

Bookings essential.


Bookings essential.

Waste Education and Initiatives in Selwyn District

The Council supports a number of initiatives aimed at waste minimisation. These include education related initiatives as well as support for activities such as product stewardship and waste minimisation at events.

Some examples include our involvement with and funding of: