A warm fire in the fireplace is one of the best things about winter, but without care it can quickly become a hazard. One of the easiest ways fires start is not disposing properly of hot ashes. Ashes can stay hot long after a fire has gone out and they can and do start fires in household rubbish bins. Hot ashes have also started fires in rubbish trucks and transfer stations.

Always remember – bucket, bag it and bin it.

  • Using a small metal shovel, scoop ash from your fireplace into a metal bucket with a lid. It's really important that you only use a metal bucket or container and not something that could easily catch fire from any residual heat left in the ashes such as plastic or cardboard.
  • Take the bucket outside, away from any buildings, and douse with water.
  • Leave to cool for at least 5 days.
  • Empty the cold ash into a rubbish bag and place it into your rubbish bin. Please do not place ash into your recycling or organics bin.