We are able to accept payment by Eftpos, credit cards and cash. Cheques cannot be accepted for payment at the Pines Resource Recovery Park.

We accept household volumes of recycling such as paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, aluminium and steel cans, plastics numbered 1, 2 and 5, polystyrene, scrap metal, whiteware and appliances. Our recycling page has more information.

The below prices are GST inclusive, effective from 1 July 2022.

Minimum waste or organic tipping fee$6.00
Residual waste (rubbish)$292.00 per tonne
Garden and food waste (organic)$107.00 per tonne
Plasterboard (new, clean off-cuts)$130.00 per tonne
Cleanfill$52.00 per tonne
Recyclable polystyrene >1m³ included within general waste loads$250.00 per load (over and above general waste disposal fee)
Non-recyclable polystyrene and expanded foams >1m³$7,000.00 per tonne (min. charge 20kg)
Please take the below items to the kiosk
TVs and monitors$12.00 per flat screen / CRT TV or monitor
All other E-Waste (computers, printers, phones, cameras, stereos, cables)No charge (household volumes only)
Tyres (charge is double if tyre is on rim)$5.00 per car / motorbike tyre
$7.00 per 4WD tyre
$9.00 per light truck or forklift tyre
$19.00 per heavy truck tyre
$75.00 per tractor tyre
Child car seats$15.00 per seat
Hazardous waste (cleaning agents, garden chemicals, fluoro tubes, batteries, used oil, paints, LPG cylinders)

No charge (household volumes only)

Kiosk staff