Please help us to reduce processing costs and produce better quality compost by making sure your garden waste is free from rubbish and other unacceptable materials before disposing of it at the recovery park.

Green tick imageWe can acceptRed X imageWe cannot accept
  • Garden waste, leaves, grass clippings and weeds
  • Tree prunings and branches up to 10cm in diameter
  • Food waste such as bread, dairy products, fruit, fish, vegetables, meats and bones
  • Coffee grinds and tea bags
  • Food soiled cardboard containers, paper hand towels and serviettes
  • Flax or cabbage tree leaves
  • Tree stumps or branches over 10cm in diameter
  • Plastic bags, food wrap, containers or plant pots
  • Timber, sawdust or ash
  • Animal waste
  • Glass, metal, stones or bricks
  • Soil

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