Architect rendering of the RePurpose Mico-enterprise unit concept

These will be our 'maker spaces' where items that would otherwise be landfilled can be given a new lease on life by being repaired, refurbished, repurposed or upcycled.

We would look to partner with businesses to ‘retire’ old equipment e.g. welders and grinders that are able to be used to repurpose and recycle waste materials.

  • One for timber, metal, fabrics and textiles, and a tool lenderyDecorative photo
  • Making desirable and useful items from waste, displaying and selling them in the reuse shop to generate income
  • Places to gather, meet people, make friends and learn new skills
  • Small night or weekend classes
  • Glass fronted so the public can see what is happening inside, and to see items made from waste on display
  • Decorative photoThe Tool Lendery is there to borrow hand tools that you would otherwise potentially purchase, and barely ever use. For example a wheel barrow – you might only need it once per year. What is the point in owning one? Borrowing them reduces consumption – which avoids waste generation during the extraction of minerals to make the item, the emissions and wastes during manufacturing and transporting the item, and then the disposal of the item at the end of life.