The recently completed civil works and recycling canopy provide for a consolidated recycling drop off area. Over time additional recyclable item drop off options will be added beneath the canopy.

A key component of the Reconnect Project is to show case sustainable choices wherever practical and possible. In the civil stage of the project, some of the more innovative aspects are:

  • The use of Fulton Hogan’s “PlastiPhalt”® throughout the new asphalt areas (5,600m²). We’ve been able to substitute virgin polymers with nearly 11,000 4 litre oil containers that would otherwise have been landfilled (these containers are unrecyclable due to having previously contained oil).
  • Utilised nearly 16,000 litres of waste engine oil.
  • 473 tonnes of old asphalt has been reclaimed and recycled within the new asphalt.
  • 8,000 kilograms of glass bottles have been used within the footpath as a substitute for virgin aggregate.
  • Solar flood lights have been installed to help minimise our electricity consumption, avoid unnecessary plastic ducting, cabling and the costs and emissions associated with trenching.
  • Stormwater is treated via rain gardens planted with native species.

We plan on continuing the use of more innovative and sustainable ideas in the building phases of the project.