An educational video series that takes you on a journey through our key waste streams here in NZ.

Part 1 - Introduction:

Selwyn District Council was proud to be one of 13 Councils to sponsor this educational video series to show you more about recycling, food waste, waste water and landfill in New Zealand.

Part 2 - Recycling:

You’ve rinsed and sorted all of your recycling and put it into your yellow-top bin and it is collected by our Contractor. What happens next? In this video you will see one example of a recycling facility in New Zealand. Types of materials that are accepted in recycling varies from region to region so for any questions regarding your yellow-top recycling bin in Selwyn, please contact the Council.

Part 3 - Waste Water:

Follow Kate and Brad on a tour of a waste water plant in New Zealand. Find out about common problems waste water treatment plants face with what you put down your drain, or flush down the toilet.

Part 4 - Food Waste:

New Zealand homes send over 120,000 tonnes of food waste to landfill each year! Nationally that is a staggering $872 million that kiwi families are throwing in the bin. Find out more about the impact of food waste and what you can do to Love Food and Hate Waste.

Part 5 - Landfill:

Sadly landfill is the final resting place for over 18,000 tonnes of rubbish in Selwyn alone. This video will show you the impact of our throw-away society. This video also takes you on a tour through a transfer station. Did you know that we have a Resource Recovery Park in Selwyn where most recycling can be dropped off free of charge?

Part 6 - Recap:

In this video Kate and Brad reflect on what they have seen on their journey through all the key waste streams in New Zealand. We would like to encourage everyone to make just one small change to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. One small change from each of us will make a difference.