The Council is responsible for planning, building, operating and maintaining the three waters services in the Selwyn district.

Our role includes:

  • assessing the network for improvements or work needed
  • consulting with the community on plans and costs
  • considering relevant legislation and standards
  • planning and developing infrastructure for the district’s growth.

We set our work programme through the annual and long-term plans, which include consulting with the community. The work programme is funded by a mix of development contributions (payments made by developers to provide infrastructure) and rates.

Independent assessments show that Selwyn’s water services and costs compare very well with other districts. In fact, our water
services are among the cheapest and newest in the country.

Some key facts

  • Low cost to ratepayers – Selwyn's volumetric charge for water per 200m3 is the lowest in Aotearoa
  • $882 – average total household rates paid for drinking and waste water in 2020*
  • Good condition – some of the newest drinking and wastewater infrastructure in Aotearoa*

    * Water New Zealand National Performance Report 2019/20

Aerial view of the Pines Wastewater treatment plant showing buildings, ponds and surrounding fieldsCouncil investment

In the past 10 years the Council has made significant investment in maintaining and upgrading
these water assets – including more than $60 million in maintenance and upgrades in the past five
years alone:

  • $31.95 million in drinking water
  • $28.86 million in wastewater
  • $2.51 million in stormwater

Planned future investment

We continue to plan and invest for future growth and improvements to our water services:

  • $104 million – budgeted in the current Long-Term Plan for major three waters projects over the
    next 10 years
  • $440 million – forecast assets to be built by developers and vested to the Council for future
    management over the next 30 years