What to do when a Boil Water Notice is issued in your area?

We understand that a boil water notice is inconvenient however, protecting our residents from health risks is our priority.

When a boil water notice is issued, affected people should continue to boil their water (for at least one minute) until advised the water is safe again.

The Boil Water Notice process:

  1. When  contamination occurs in our reticulated network, we first issue a Boil Water Notice to affected residents via different channels:
    • Letter drops to residents
    • E-text or email sent to all affected rates payers who have registered these details with usLogo: Selwyn Gets Ready
    • Community reach via Selwyn Gets Ready network - you can subscribe to these alerts.
    • Media release which goes to all media outlets plus CDHB, elected members, etc.
    • News story posted on Council website
    • Facebook post
  • The reservoir and reticulation are then chlorinated to disinfect the supply from any possible contamination.
  • A detailed investigation of network is carried out to identify the source of contamination and manage the issue.
  • Daily water sampling continues until we confirm three clear sample results, when free of chlorine disinfection.
  • Once a Boil Water Notice can be lifted, we follow the same steps as outlines in number 1- above to inform the community.
  • Residents with a restricted water supply are advised to disinfect their water storage tank(s). Refer to our guidelines [PDF, 33 KB]